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for you from the country to the inner city ♪ >>> chuck brown passed way yesterday after a short bout with pneumonia at age 75. he was the founder of go-go, a sound that came to define the district. >> this morning the city that loved him so much is showed their love for him. dancing out in the streets in north washington last night and tracee wilkins is live outside that theater this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. chuck brown created this music in the '70s and has been playing it all of this time. i can tell you i have never seen the actual end of a chuck brown concert because i get tired have and go home. he would keep playing with all of this energy and enthusiasm like he was still 20 30r years old. in his 70s would play for hours and hours. i mean nonstop. no intermission. no breaks. this was music about the people of d.c. and the people of d.c. were in it and helped to create it. it's fitting that would want to come here and pay tribute to him. let me show you what it looked like last night. as you said, thousands of people dancing in the streets. his da
brown at the public viewing. people stood all day long, at times in the rain, to pay their respects to "the godfather" of go-go. today they can expect the funeral service to begin with a very traditional feel. there'll be appearances by city leaders and entertainers including -- more are expected to be announced. but before the close of service, there will be a live performance of a medley of brown's music. now, donnie simpson will serve as host. there will be special performances by the chuck brown band by sugar bear, maysa, james funk and others. when they reach capacity, they will shut doors and not allow anyone else in the public inside. folks who are coming down here are encouraged to take metro. i'm tracee wilkins reporting leave in the northwest. "news 4." >> tracee, thank you. you can watch the memorial live starting at noon on our website and on nbc washington nonstop. channel 208 vios. cox 460 and 4.2 over the air. >>> this morning we're waiting for prince george's police to feed a man they say took his own life after a domestic dispute. neighbors say a m
suleman brown. brown was a minor mayoral candidate who claims that gray's campaign paid him to attack then-mayor adrian fenty. according to court documents, brooks and two aides funneled at least $2,800 it brown. >>> millions of future college students will have to wait until next month to find out if the rate on student loans will double. the senate rejected legislation yesterday that would keep the interest rate on millions of student loans at 3.4%. if no deal is. >> reporter: rea-- is reached b july 1, it will double. lawmaker are dedicateded to keeping the rate where it is. they can't agree on how to pay for it. >>> they call it a demonstration, not a parade. each memorial day weekend rolling thunder rides through the capital to to see show support for the military family. on sunday, the group will gather at the north pentagon parking lot. at unanimous the group will ride to the vietnam veterans memorial. the ride is followed by a gathering in front of the lincoln memorial. motorists should be prepared for rolling street closures on sunday. >>> next week will be your opportunity to say
their tributes to chuck brown. >>> another round of rain moving through the area now. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> looking at stories making headlines at 5:30 -- a culpeper police officer is behind bars facing murder charges for the shooting death of a woman. >>> he's got the delegates he needs, but mitt romney's campaign is being overshadowed by one of his supporters' remark. >>> and why fans of chuck brown missed out on a chance to say good-bye to the godfather of go-if. >>> good morning you to, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this wednesday, may 30. as we look outside, 68 degrees outside our studios. we haven't been in the 60s this time of morning here in a couple of days. >> feels a little bit refreshing. >> i like it. >> it's wet out there. meteorologist tom kierein telling us the rain's
in northwest yesterday. jayvon brown was seen in the 1300 mr. speaker block of colum. derek ward with more. >> reporter: we're here at the 1300 block of columbia road. police are hoping to find this young man. a family desperately wants to see this smiling face back in their home today and hope you can help. earlier police were out with a search dog, and they were scouring the neighborhood in the hopes of finding this young man. he was last seen in this area yesterday. we have a description. we want to show you that he is 3'4" tall, weighs between 45 and 50 pounds. he has brown eyes, black hair, and a medium complexion with a slim build. he was last seen wearing a green t-shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. blue jeans, and red and black shoes. the police aren't releasing a lot of information about the circumstances around his disappearance, but the concentration is on finding him. they're asking anyone with information about little jayvon brown call 202-727-9099 or the youth investigations division or branch at 202-576-6768. we'll have more information on this search as it becomes avail
-go music. chuck brown. news4's megan mcgrath is live outside the howard theater now with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. preparations for today's viewing are underway. you can see behind me here the howard theater is all lit up. the street in front has been closed down already. and we have crews who are putting metal bike racks in place that will help form the line when people begin to arrive later on this morning for the public viewing. now chuck brown had a very loyal following and continued to bring in the crowds until the very end. we are expecting a very large crowd here at the howard theater later on today. now the viewing is open to the public, it begins at 11:00 a.m., and will go until 10:00 tonight. as i mentioned, they've already blocked off t street in front of the howard theater, and more closures are going to come beginning at 9:30. let's take a look at some of those closures. now, t street is closed between 7th and florida avenue right now. at 9:30, that closure expands. t will be closed between 9th and florida. we're also going to see closure
are calling a 76-year-old man's death suspicious. benjamin brown was found dead inside his seat pleasant home last friday. his blue cheverolet caprice is missing. the home is secured with window bars and an alarm system. neighbors fear brown was taken advantage of by someone he let into his home. >> didn't ever bother anybody. that man sat on his porch, drank his coffee or water, whatever. he didn't ever bother anybody. >> police are still awaiting the results of brown's autopsy. >>> police say a child was inside the car used to kill a young fairfax county woman during a road rage crash. gloria mcmillan is accused of hitting and killing 21-year-old shelinda arrington last friday. the child was not hurt. mcmillan is charged with felony hit and run. records show she's been cited for reckless driving, speeding, and driving on a suspended or revoked license in the past. >>> new, the fbi in arizona cleared two southwest airplanes planes after a threatening phone call. both flights had ties to phoenix and to orange county, california. a southwest spokesperson said someone called in a threat to a fl
by several names including ravon stone, don fitzgerald hancock, and demarco brown. the 28-year-old has a scar on his last hand and tattoo his right arm. >>> police in stafford county are investigating a bizarre home invasion. investigators tell us two masked men broke into the home in the widewater village neighborhood early yesterday morning. the burglars demanded a man and woman and their 10-month-old baby strip naked. the men forced the family to take him around the house collecting valuables including cash, computers, and jewelry. before leaving they tied the thaem up if the garage. the family was able to free themselves and call 911. neighbors can't believe this happened in their community. >> i don't understand how it could happen. seems like it's a crime that's a bit more than petty. frankly, i'm a little alarmed -- very alarmed. very alarmed. >> no one was hurt. so far no arrests have been made. >>> no word when d.c. council member marion barry will be released from a hospital in las vegas. the 76-year-old tweeted pictures of himself with nurses yesterday. barry told news4's tom sherw
. brown's office believes the proposal could recuperate $2 million. >>> the same thing that makes hot sauce hot may help burp off the extra pounds. researchers are studying the effects of capsaicin. they found capsaicin kills nerves that send messages from the gut to the brain. the results, weight loss. doctors say don't stuff your face with chili peppers just yet. it thoos be directly applied to the stomach. the next test to this is to do it on humans. doctors believe it could be a valuable alternative to gastric bypass surgery. >>> people are going to go start buying chili peppers and rubbing them on their belly. i do love spicy food. let's check the forecast, "weather & traffic on the 1s." hi, tom it's cleared out, gotten chilly. down to the low to mid-50s. later today, the hometown forecast, mid-50s. bright and sunny. winds picking up at 20, 25 mile an hour. royal's going be in the low 60s. there, only peaking in the mid-60s. by late afternoon, a few clouds developing. the winds should be diminishing by then. partly cloudy and all the way down to near 40 by dawn tomorrow, so quite
fight in washington in december. >>> d.c. music legend chuck brown is suffering from pneumonia. the 75-year-old has been forced to cancel or postpone concerts since march because of health problems. his daughter now telling the "washington post" it's pneumonia. k.k. brown who performs in the band failed to provide additional details. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> a d.c. legend. stay with us.
woman," "meet the brown," and "i can do bad all by myself." >>> a new look at a deadly collision between a barge and duck boat in the delaware river. look here. two hungarian students who were on the small tour boat were killed. their parents releasing video ahead of a civil wrongful death lawsuit. in the video, you see a member of the crew on the duck boat texting on his phone and getting off the boat just after the collision. a tugboat -- the tugboat pilot has also admitted to being on his cell phone at the time of the accident. he was sentenced in november to a year in federal prison. >>> new this morning, pro-democracy icon aung san suu kyi is now a member of myanmar's parliament. she was sworn in earlier today, taking public office for the first time in nearly 25 years. aung san suu kyi was under house arrest for the past two decades, pushing for democracy in the military-run country. >>> 5:18. this morning, several cities are cleaning up from may day marches that turned violent. in oakland police fired flash bang grenades to break up crowds that were blocking a major intersection.
suleman brown. in exchange, he made negative campaign attacks against adrian fenty. gore's lawyer believes more names will be revealed soon. >> i believe that the government will charge additional people. whether i represent them or not, i don't know. >> gore faces between a year and 18 months in prison. a judge delayed sentencing until the criminal investigation is complete. >>> the private school attended by president obama's daughters calls a recent e-mail sent to parents a fake. sidwell friends school said someone sent a message saying that condoms would be available in school bathrooms at dances and other school functions. the e-mail claimed many students were engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. the message went to parents at the upper school at its wisconsin avenue campus. another e-mail went out shortly after addressing that prank. >>> today maryland state police will honor one of their own who was killed working security. officials will join family and friends of the late trooper wesley brown to dedicate a highway sign in his honor. the highway administration will put up a si
to extend bar hours in the district. yesterday, council chairman congressman brown and ward one member jim graham said the city does not need to make alcohol more available. graham is chairman of the committee that oversees the city's alcohol sales. he said extended hours would only add to neighborhood noise and other problems. mayor vinceect gray propose -- vincent gilroy proposed clajs to add to revenue. >>> people are upset that virginia wildlife officials euthanized this four-pound bear cub. the baby bear was found in southwest virginia. the bear was healthy and didn't have a scratch on him. wildlife officials said they put the cub down because they could not find anyone to rehabilitate the bear pack into the wild. a tennessee organization says it was never contacted and has plenty of room. virginia authorities say they did not feel comfortable giving the bear to the group because of the change in leadership. >> wish there had been a different way to relief that. >> a different outcome for sure. >>> tom kierein has the big story of the day. rain that a lot of folks will have to deal wi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13